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Islam is a true religion for peace and humanity, is sadly now considered one of the root causes of the anti-democratic practices that are prevalent in Islamic states. The main reason behind such misconception is the misunderstanding and absolutely incorrect analysis of Islamic political values. When discussing the issue of Islam and democracy, people often take extreme positions.

The concept of sovereignty in Islam

The basis of the Islamic political system is an absolute belief in the sovereignty of Allah, the true legislator. No one, not even a prophet, can ordain others in his own right. The Prophet himself is subject to the commands of Allah. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “I do not follow anything except what has been revealed to me.” For man, Islam uses the term “Vice-management” (Khilafat) instead of “sovereignty.” Whoever is selected as vice-manager uses power as the trust of Allah and is accountable to Him for every action they perform under these powers.

Decision-making process in Islamic politics

In Islam, ‘Shura’ is the sole decision-making and implementation body. Shura’s role is often compared to the role of parliament in a modern democracy, but the main difference between the two is the concept of a true legislator. In Islam, only Allah Almighty is the true legislator who has conferred the authority of legislation.

He has to make all decisions within the prescribed framework according to the rules of Allah, not by people’s choice. Such limitations are placed only to prevent the exploitation of man on behalf of the majority vote and to develop a well-balanced system of social justice under which political powers can be used to eradicate elements that cause insecurities and uncertainties among people. You can learn Quran from faizanquranacademy.

Principle of equality in Islam

Islam presents an egalitarian and learning for online Quran classes for kids according to all human beings are equal before Allah; no one is superior to another by reason of social status, family background, and any profession.

“No one is superior to another except in the point of faith and piety. All men descend from Adam and Adam was made of clay.”

On another occasion of addressing the people after the conquest of Mecca, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“O people of Quraysh! Allah has uprooted your haughtiness from the days of ignorance and pride of ancestry. O men, you are all descendants of Adam and Adam was made of clay. There is no pride in descent; there is no there is merit in an Arab against a non-Arab, nor in a non-Arab against an Arab. Indeed, the most meritorious among you in the eyes of Allah is the most pious. ”

Not only in social affairs, Islam also grants the same rights to all believers, even in the case of ruling an Islamic state. The entire Muslim community has given equal participation in the Islamic State without the supremacy of a particular class.

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