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Many of us seek Quran Teacher in our life to Teach Quran Online with proper Tajweed Rules recitation method and most of them find right for themselves and some of the people can not find right Wanted Quran teacher who could teach them Quran with proper recitation method. So we have solved your problem. You can start quran classes our  Learn Quran Academy with Tajweed by our highly qualified Online Quran Tutors .

Our Quran Academy experience has taught us that online courses simply require a different type of approach to Online Quran learning education, so if the challenges don’t seem too uncomfortable and the benefits are very much enticing, we really encourage you to give it a try. Join our online quran schools to see our performances.

Our Academy performs best in the field of Quran education. We provide many basic and essential courses. Only read the Quran is not important, Tajweed of Quran is also important. We have plenty of male and female teachers for tajweed classes.

Faizan Quran Academy

Faizan Quran Academy is one of the internationally leading Learning Quran and Quran Teaching institutes  in the UK , USA AUS due to its authenticity, quality of service, convenient and flexible plans and affordable fee structure. Here you can learn Quran with tajweed by highly qualified, skilled, well trained and extremely capable Male & Female Quran Tutors and scholars; who are committed and dedicated to broadcast the essence of the Holy Quran.

Quran With Tajweed
Fiazan Quran Academy is offering you to learn the Quran with tajweed .Here our academy is progressing and doing its best to serve you how to learn and recite the Quran with tajweed.
Quran Translation
Learn Translation and tafseer Of Quran qualified teacher related to these subject are Available.Our teachers have skills over the languages they can speak urdu language.
Quran Memorization
Our muslims brother and sisters who are living abroad are facing problems for their kids.So learning of Quran Memorization or hifz is very important Our academy is teaching online via skype
Basic Islam For kids
Our relation with our students is very strong because our Online Quran Teachers deals our students with full sincerity. We don’t charge so much. Our demand is minimum and quality of Quran education is high.
Hifz e Quran
Tajweed Rules
Latest Tools
University Graduate
Well Trained
Language Skills

Specialities of Our Teachers

Our Quran Teachers at Faizan Quran Academy are hardworking individuals of high caliber and self motivated. We have trained them According to the best standards of all academies specially for Quran Education. We intend to maintain friendly environment to produce best results.


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