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Islam is a famous religious text of Islam, and its importance to Muslims cannot be described. Muslims believe that the Quran is verbally revealed by the angel Gabriel of God, and the text written in it is a guide to divinity and helps one on how one should be led to live. They believe that the book has divine guidance and direction for humanity and also has solutions to all problems, regardless of how complex they are. The book consists of 114 chapters, each known as sura, and each chapter is made up of several verses, popularly known as ayat.

The translation of the Quran is available in different languages ​​to facilitate learn Quran online for kids, but according to Muslim historical experts and followers of the faith, the classical Arabic text Quran is the true and the true version of the book. It is the dream of a Muslim to learn his holy book, the Quran, in its original Arabic language, and if you are one of them who wants to learn it except your mother tongue, there are several options available to you.

Online learning

One of the easiest ways to learn this holy book is to learn Quran online for kids. Yes, you can easily learn the Quran in Arabic through online tools available on the Internet. The first thing to do is find a good site that is recommended by several people; You can also check the recommendation of any site in their testimonials and consumer forums. Once you have your site, download the Arabic Alphabet Tables to recognize each alphabet carefully so that you can understand the text of the book as well. If you’re going to print them, that’s good for you, as you can keep them for reference to learn at any time.

Keep a notebook and practice each alphabet and try to pronounce it clearly. Most sites will provide you with a listening feature to improve your pronunciation and try to read it out loud. Practice reading and writing Arabic as much as you can, until you have mastered the reading with faizanquranacademy and don’t get angry if you don’t understand it, take the alphabet diagram with you for reference. If you try to learn all sura at once, then it is really difficult for you, so try to learn little by little and memorize it every now and then to remember it.

Various sites like faizanquranacademy offer online projects that have the entire Quran online in English and Arabic side by side, so it is beneficial for you to learn English first and then try to convert it into Arabic. Listen to the Arabic book online, and try talking to him, repeat the same activity until you have mastered each word in Arabic.

Arabic is the oldest languages known to man. The Quran was written in Arabic, and if you want to read the Quran and capture its essence to the core, this is perhaps the correct language for you to learn.

Then perhaps it would do you great good if you got your hands on some of the ancient Arabic books.

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